Creative Ways to Own Your Space

Wall Decals

Because the walls in a rental apartment normally cannot be painted, you may not think there is anything you can do to change the walls. However, wall decals can help remedy that issue.

You can choose sayings, images, or even patterns that look like wallpaper to liven up your space. There are even wall decals that look like picture frames. All of these decals can be placed and then repositioned as many times as you would like.

Area Rugs

The carpet or floors in your apartment will also likely be quite plain. Area rugs can help remedy that. Choose bright vibrant colors or bold patterns so that they stand out and create contrast.

This will also create focal points throughout your home making the space feel more uniquely yours. Area rugs also have a cozy, comfortable feel that make your apartment more inviting.

Now that you know how to get the process started, you can make your apartment your own unique space.