Have a Holly Jolly Christmas in Orlando

happy-holidays2It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas and in case you didn’t hear Orlando is the best place to celebrate the holidays.   Orlando’s hotels and theme parks are home to some of the nation’s most elaborate holiday celebrations.

Epcot Center gives visitors a glimpse of how Christmas is celebrated across the globe with its Holidays Around the World celebration from November 27th to December 30th.

Not to be outdone, Mickey hosts a holiday party to remember through December 18th with live entertainment, fireworks, a holiday parade, magical snowfall and Cinderella’s Castle is a glow with holiday lights.

If you missed the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s Parade, no worries, Universal Studio brings the parade to Orlando.  From December 4th to January 2nd regular admission includes a holiday parade with floats, balloons, bands and Santa.

Legoland puts on the glitz this holiday season with a Christmas tree made from 270,000 legos, holiday decorations and visits from Santa himself.  LegoLand celebrates Christmas Bricktacular through the holidays.

Easy Place Card Ideas for Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving and you have invited family and friends to your Orlando apartment.  You have the menu established, friends and family know what to bring and you are excited about Thanksgiving, but are looking for place setting ideas.

No worries, we have gathered up some ideas that are sure to make your friends and family thankful you invited them to celebrate.

rosemaryIf you are like many of us, arranging the seating order is a good idea to keep the peace and/or to keep conversation going.  Why not make your guests welcome with individual place cards made with rosemary, a small piece of coking string and strips of paper with your guests’ names on them.

This easy and affordable place setting is quick to make and will make your guests feel welcome.

pineconeNow it doesn’t get any cuter or easier than these personalized place cards made from pine cones.

Gather pine cones or purchase (non-scented) pine cones from a craft store near your apartment in Orlando.  Pick up some sturdy craft paper and a stencil, both readily available and create place cards.

Keep the pine cones for another Holiday craft project.

tablesettingTalk about simple; these place setting require a leaf and a marker to create a autumnal Thanksgiving table.

If you don’t have natural leaves, you can always head down to your local arts and craft store for some silk ones.

Write the names of each guest on a leaf with a permanent marker.

While setting your table, place a napkin on your plates and then the leave.  For extra flair, you can add small pumpkins or gourds.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Let’s Eat: Best Soul Food In Orlando

The end of the year is the perfect time to eat a hearty and filling meal with a family and friends—and what better cuisine to accomplish that than with “soul food”? Orlando has a thriving and delicious comfort food scene that is sure to leave your mouth watering. Sometime we all get caught up in the “fast food” eating-out cycle and continually find ourselves in a McDonald’s line, but the next time you dine out, why not get some bang for your buck by going to an actual restaurant? Here are three great soul food places to try near your Orlando apartment.




Nikki’s Place Southern Cuisine

742 Carter St

Orlando, FL 32805

Phone number: (407) 425-5301



Oley’s Kitchen & Smokehouse

2700 Rio Grande Ave
Orlando, FL 32805

Phone number: (407) 422-7288



P&D Soul Food Kitchen

927 S Goldwyn Ave
Orlando, FL 32805

Phone number: (407) 730-3486






Bringing the Fall Season into Your Apartment

We get a lot of perks when we live in Orlando–the beaches, the weather and the soft sand, but we sometimes we wish that we can see the seasons change. Although we don’t have that option unless we relocate, we can always fake it! Here are some awesome fall decor ideas that will bring the fall season into your apartment.

Candles- Choose a smell that is associated with fall, such as warm vanilla, cinnamon or apple pie. Not only will the smell remind you and your guests of the season. The color of the candles, will add a nice “pop” to your space and really scream out “fall.”

Center Pieces- This is where you can get creative and have a little fun! Grab a glass vase and place some leaves or candles with nuts to create your own fall bouquet.

Colors- Fall is always about the colors. So switch out your throw pillows or throw blanket with “fall” like colors. Think yellows, burnt red and orange. You can even swap out your curtains or towels!

Well there you have it! Three fun and easy ways to take your apartment from summer to fall. If you have any other ideas that you would like to share, please comment below. Happy decorating!