Try These Orlando Breakfast Restaurants

Americans LOVE breakfast and more and more restaurants are extending their breakfast hours and adding new breakfast items to their menus to meet a growing demand.

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, here are a few interesting facts about breakfast and a few places near your Orlando apartment to eat breakfast.

Breakfast Facts

In the 1600’s breakfast would typically be a snack, a piece of bread and cheese or left overs.

In the 1800’s, eggs and bacon became the norm and as the world became more industrialized cereal was introduced.

Yogurt, now a staple for breakfast didn’t become popular until the 1980’s when low-fat yogurt options came to the market.  Greek yogurt became popular in 2007!

You can eat dessert before your meal at breakfast. Some studies have found that eating a little something sweet in the morning can help curb a sweet tooth cravings later in the day.

Breakfast Spots Near Your Apartment in Orlando

Artisan’s Table

22 E Pine Street, Orlando, FL 32801

Le Gourmet Break

150 S Magnolia Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801


Pearson’s Cafe

807 N Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801