The Holidays are over or are they?

Top apartment amenities in Orlando

The Holidays have come and gone but that’s just for last year. A whole new batch is coming up this year and there are homeowners and apartment dwellers in Orlando who feel the holidays will have to do without me this year.

The limited space and lack of easy access to the kitchen in their homes have them set against having another cramped, poorly laid out party and this has these hospitable people unhappy. A big part of their problem is the kitchen and eating area isn’t anything great to experience during any meal, let alone one with a guest.

There are options in Orlando for these frustrated foodies and that would be to check the 420 East Apartment Homes. Just come by and experience the open space of the kitchen with a range, oven, and built-in microwave.

Kitchen islands are available and the cabinets and backsplash really pop. Any meal prepared here will be the envy of those who haven’t made a move like this to improve the most important room in the house.

Only Orlando Celebrates New Year’s Like This

Places to be on New Year's Eve in Orlando

The whole world will be out in the streets or visiting bars, restaurants, and even taking cruises on New Year’s Eve. Well Orlando has this mega party down to a science and here are some examples minutes away from your 420 East Apartment.

The Wall Street Plaza will be the place for a block party featuring a street wide light show and tickets to gain access to all eight venues involved, but act now before those tickets run out. It looks like another block party will be happening at Church Street with fireworks and an outdoor stage. You can then go inside the three bars Latitude, Cahoots, Chillers, and their next door neighbor Shannon’s Irish pub and dance the night away.

In Orlando the Family experience is also better than anywhere with the Magic Kingdom and Epcot center both bringing in the New Year with special events. Orlando is the place to be and the place to live in Orlando is the 420 East Apartments. Great amenities and access to great nightlife are just two of the many reasons to live here.

Summer Theme Park Fun in Orlando, FL

Theme Park Fun

Orlando, FL, is the hotbed of summer theme park fun. Millions of tourists flood the area for Sea World, Disney World, and Universal Studios every summer. This year, tourists have even more to look forward to, as these major parks compete to get more business.

Universal Studios just opened its brand-new water park AND an additional resort hotel via its partnership with Loew’s Hotels and Resorts. The water park sits behind the newest resort hotel, placing it far from Universal’s typical attractions. You need separate passes to go to the water park, of course, but it provides some thrilling, entertaining rides and water park adventures.

Disney World opened its Arendelle and Frozen rides and entertainment mid-summer 2016. It also has a brand new interactive ride and show in Animal Kingdom park that features the world of Avatar. Guests will also not want to miss the new Soaring Around the World exhibit/ride in Epcot, which is a virtual, wraparound, swing-in-the-air entertainment ride that takes you on a global tour.

Not to be outdone by the two biggest theme parks in the area, Sea World has also amped up its entertainment options. For a wad of extra cash, you can swim with a dolphin, learn how to make a killer whale do tricks, and feed the animals. New rides and water park attractions have also been added!

With so many options, it’s easy to see why our residents love living at 420 East Apartments; there is always something to do!

The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye

Not only is summer the busiest time for Orlando, but it is also the prime time to any of Orlando’s many summer attractions. One of these is the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, which may not be as popular as Disney World or Universal Studios, but is still a great attraction for Orlando residents.

The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye is a 400-foot tall observation wheel that offers a 360-degree view of downtown Orlando’s skyline, Orlando’s various amusement parks and the pristine landscape of Central Florida. The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye offers a variety of ticket packages including a deal for Florida residents. If you present the staff with proof of residency, you can purchase an adult ticket for $22.50 and a child ticket for only $17.50.

The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye is only 10 miles away from 420 East Apartments and will no doubt be a fun experience for all involved. If you would like more information about The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, visit their website here.