Get Up Close and Personal with the Wonders of the Sea

Fun things to do in Orlando

As a resident or visitor to the Orlando area, odds are fairly high that you’ve spent at least some time in and around the Ocean.  In fact, you may have spent hour after hour cruising the shore line or exploring the surf.

What most people don’t realize is just how truly expensive the ocean is, and just how many incredible things there are out of our sight below the surface.

That’s precisely what makes Sea Life Orlando Aquarium a prime time weekend destination for both tourists and Orlando residents. Sea Life lets you get up close to a Giant Pacific Octopus, stingrays, sea turtles and everyone’s favorite ocean predator, the shark.

The aquarium is loaded with weird, wild and unusual undersea wonders and puts you in the prime position for examining these creatures without any threat of danger.

The tickets are affordably priced (at around $20 for adults), and it is located just a short drive from the 420 East Luxury apartments.  This means that residents get to experience the trip of a lifetime, without any long commute and without any expensive hotels.  This is a prime weekend (or any day off) trip that is close to home and filled with fun.