Visit Orlando’s Botanical Gardens

As the weather starts to warm you might be looking for activities to do without the influx of tourists.

Did you know that the Orlando area has some great botanical gardens that offer classes, tours and allow you to welcome spring with the fragrant scent of local flora?

Here are a few gardens near your Orlando apartment with a focus on the beautiful 200 acre Harry P. Leu Gardens located at 1920 North Forest Avenue in Orlando.

University of Central Florida Arboretum

4000 Central Florida Blvd, Orlando, FL 32816

The Arboretum of the University of Central Florida is located on the main campus of the University of Central Florida and offers tours for a small fee and features Florida plants and flowers.


Hollis Gardens

702 E Orange Street, Lakeland, FL 33801

This beautiful Botanic Garden is set in a neo-classical architectural environment with patterned flower beds, public art and ornamental fountains. It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon or a few hours.



Harry P. Leu Gardens

1920 North Forest Avenue, Orlando, FL


This gardens is open from 9am to 5pm every day with a small admission fee. Self-guided and guided tours are available where you can tour the Leu House Museum, a historical home as well as the gardens.

Dinosaurs will be roaming the gardens until April 30th with an outdoor exhibit with life-like prehistoric creatures throughout the gardens.

You can also explore the wide array of gardens including the Arid Garden with agaves, cacti, succulents, yuccas and flowering trees.  You can also explore the Aroid Collection, a tropical stream garden or the fragrant Azalea Collection and Magnolia Collection, the Bamboo Collection and the Banana Collection (not the edible kind), the Butterfly Garden and Conifer Collection.

Flowers in bloom in February:

Camellias, azaleas, gold/pink/yellow trumpet trees, orchid tree, sweet osmanthus, powderpuff, citrus

Flowers in bloom in March:
amaryllis, camellias, herbs, vines, gold/pink/yellow trumpet trees, citrus, shaving brush tree, angel trumpet, orchid tree

They also offer classes for horticulture, landscaping, fine arts, and specialties all year round for both children and adults.